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Network and Security,
Computech has
solution for you!

Réseautique et sécurité NB Québec Computech

Expert in Networking and Security
Fredericton - New Brunswick

Networking skills: creation, maintenance, administration, installation of servers, problem solving, verification of sites, backup, cable management, installation of Wi-Fi solutions, remote support, installation/configuration of computers at our clients' premises Fredericton in New Brunswick...

Expert in installing high quality surveillance cameras in Fredericton, to secure your sensitive areas with sharp images and powerful zooms that allow faces to be clearly identified and, if necessary, to resolve cases and ensure maximum security while saving time and money... 

This solution allows companies to Fredericton having multiple geographically dispersed premises make and receive business calls on all their devices, providing total flexibility and the ability to use the same phone number on different devices...

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