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Expert in VoIP Telephony
in New Brunswick and Quebec


With the increase in telecommuting and business travel, the voice over ip phone system is essential for New Brunswick businesses or Quebec..

This solution also adapts perfectly to companies that have several premises in different geographical locations.


No matter where you are, you can make and receive your calls as if you were at your desk!

You can use your business phone number on all your devices: office phone, cell phone, computer or even your tablet !


Computech offers a complete Voice over IP cloud telephone system solution.

Advantages :

  • Cost reduction

  • Transmission of several calls on the same high-speed telephone line (no need to add additional physical lines)

  • No additional billing, included by default with Voice over IP technology, easy to configure and administer:

    • Call forwarding

    • Caller ID

    • Automatic call back

    • Voice calls

    • Video

    • Instant messaging

    • Conference, …


  • Users can take their business phone number with them wherever they go. All they need is an internet connection. They can access and use the company's phone system from their cell phone, laptop or tablet.

  • Significant cost reduction compared to a traditional switchboard. Users can enjoy free calls and discounted international or long distance calls.

  • Collaborating with teleworkers is made easier when your company has implemented a VoIP software communication solution. Extensions can be added easily and employees can be added to the company phone system wherever they are located.

  • Faxes are an outdated technology that many businesses are beginning to do without. But for those who wish to continue using this functionality, many modern communication solutions offer a fax to email option, which is facilitated by VoIP.

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