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Réseautique et wifi Québec Computech

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Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. 
These cyberattacks typically aim to access, modify or destroy sensitive information, extort money from users, or disrupt normal business processes.
We support and advise our customers in securing their computer system and reduce the risk of vulnerability.
We are Cybersecurity Canada certified.
Our certification demonstrates that we are competent, qualified and experienced in cybersecurity. We work and treat your data securely. 
Today, with the massive use of technologies, more than 50% of our interventions are related to a cybersecurity problem.
This concerns all companies regardless of their size and sector: private or public organisations, municipalities, government, etc.
We have a solution for each of them.
A cyberattack can have significant impacts on your organization.
  • Company image and reputation
  • The relationship of trust with customers
  • Production downtime caused by the unavailability of IT services.
  • The loss of turnover caused by the unavailability of the management system
  • The cost and time for restoration
  • Theft or loss of sensitive data
  • The creation of breaches in a security system
  • Exposure to blackmail (ransomware, etc.)
Because of these risks, companies need to rethink their view of cybersecurity to prevent possible attacks.
Do not delay and be ready to face it!


L’expérience acquise au fil des années nous a permis de passer de l’aire des réseaux câblés aux réseaux sans-fils tout en portant attention à la sécurité des réseaux lors des déploiements d’infrastructure Computech pour les entreprises du Québec.

Nous croyons fermement qu’utiliser des produits de grande qualité minimisera le risque de perte de service WIFI.


Vous bénéficierez alors directement d’une productivité continue de vos activités.

Nous proposons des solutions WIFI pouvant atteindre des distances allant jusqu'à 300 km !

Pour plus d'information sur la réseautique ou le Wifi pour votre entreprise,

appelez  nos experts au  +1 506 739 0857 ou au + 1 506 582 0857 ou
utilisez notre formulaire en ligne.

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