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cyber security

Computech was created in 1994 in Edmundston, New Brunswick (CANADA) Since the beginning,
we have been able to develop to meet the needs of our customers and the challenges of the moment. ​

Our reputation is based on our expertise and the quality of customer service. The whole team shares
the same values ​​so that the customer experience is the best. The trust of our customers is our pride.

We operate mainly in Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Province) Expert in Cybersecurity,
the company has been audited and certified since 2020, Cybersecurity Canada.

Computech's mission is to improve the security, efficiency and performance of our customers'
computer systems and applications and offers a complete computer service.

We work with all types of organizations: Private companies of all sizes Government organizations
such as municipalities.
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We support our customers in securing their computer system and reduce the risk of vulnerability. Cyberattacks are more and more numerous and affect all companies, no one is spared. More than half of our interventions are related to a cybersecurity problem.
We are YOUR best ally in cybersecurity!
Whether sophisticated and efficient network equipment, servers, short and long range WIFI solutions, surveillance cameras, VoIP telephony, etc.
We have the solution for you!
Our IT services range from the sale of computers, printers and IT-related consumables to our unlimited service contracts. Looking for a product?
We have it!
We develop, manage and integrate IT solutions adapted to the needs of our customers. If you have challenges within your business,
we CAN help!
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